Archangel started spinning in 1992 in the US Midwest, almost exclusively in raves and underground parties. He started to make the transition to club circuit while in University, at which point he was picked up by “By Association” agency and hired to work on game music soundtracks for a developing MMORPG company. By this time, Archangel had enough local exposure to get steady local gigs and residencies in the town where he went to school along with occasional traveling gigs. His reputation for smooth and sexy deep house along with a respected flair for old school “true” disco was getting around. In 2002, Archangel moved to Japan and became a resident DJ at Club Asia‘s NEO Lounge in Shibuya. This notoriety translated into him being a sought-after private party DJ for some of Tokyo’s elite, as well as a hired music shopper for other deep house DJs in the region. Other DJs, club personnel, and club-goers alike agreed upon his impeccable music selection and silky transitions. Hardcore club scenesters declared that it was always easy to tell his sets apart from all others just by the sound.


Archangel has appeared in everything from video and board games to printed works and even music videos.

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